Russian Teen Wolf Reverse


Russian Teen Wolf Reverse

I know.


Sterek Week || Friday: Sterek AU

After saving Derek’s life from the newest enemy of Beacon Hills, Derek realizes that Stiles isn’t entirely human. 

He corners Stiles to get answers.


Sterek week || Friday: Sterek AU

A High School AU where Derek is a werewolf that is in high school and overhears Stiles talking about moaning and the immorality of his job. He assumes his crush is working as a hooker and starts freaking out.

Stiles is, actually, working as a phone sex operator and when pocket-dials Lydia, he’s afraid that his secret will come out.

Derek goes to Scott, yelling at him for letting his best friend work like that and saying they need to stage an intervetion - except Derek and Scott don’t exactly have the best comunication, so in the end, everyone else is around to take Stiles away from ‘the streets’.

"We, the people who love you, think you need stop selling your body."

What?  But… Scott, did you tell them I was working as a hooker!?



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STEREK WEEK ‘14 || Friday: AU

Sterek Skype Date (in which Derek moves away and Stiles has to teach him how to use skype)

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A Story by Me


Once upon a time…

Tyler Hoechlin’s ass is magical and I wanna be all up on it .